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Tuff Monkey Equipment

Made In USA

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Probably the best sandbags in the world.

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Steve Nunno, Physical Fitness Coordinator, Utica Fire Academy

In the firefighting world, we enjoy the versatility of Sandbag training as it is imperative to the work that firefighters perform on a daily basis,  Having said that it's not enough to just have a Sandbag and a workout, what we need is a durable Bag with many handle positions that we can count on to not break and to hold up under extreme stress.   After using just about every sandbag on the market,  We have chosen the Tuff Monkey Bag to be our Bag of Choice for the Utica Fire Academy.

Made in USA

Tuff Monkey Equipment is designed, constructed, and manufactured completely in the United States of America. 

The sandbags are created with long lasting durable materials, in a very comfortable to use design, making them probably the best sand bags in the world. 


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